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New Wellness Events Posted

New Events have been posted to the MeetUp group and to the Durski website. check them out to see if you might gain some valuable information.

Workshop on Fibromyalgia June  7th & June 21st at Princeton Club;

Complete List of upcoming workshops posted to Durski website;

Call the office with any questions 414-525-1030

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Research Links Widely Used Chemicals to “ADHD” in Children

Research Links Widely Used Chemicals to “ADHD” in Children

Volume 14 Issue 96

A new study led by a team of Boston University School of Public Health researchers has found that a group of chemicals widely used in many consumer products is linked to the condition called “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD) in children.


Commonly referred to as PFCs (which stands for “polyfluoroalkyl chemicals”, but you may also have heard of them as perfluorinated compounds), they are used in so many industrial and commercial products that almost everyone in the U.S. and around the world is constantly exposed to them.

PFCs are used in clothing, furniture and carpets to provide stain-resistance; in water-resistant coatings, grease-resistant food packaging like popcorn bags and pizza boxes; Teflon, cleaning products, personal care products like shampoo, and so on. They’re everywhere. When they are absorbed into the body it can take years to even partially eliminate them.

The new study linking PFCs to “ADHD”, which was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) to compare the PFC levels found in serum samples from 571 children aged 12 to 15, including 48 kids with diagnosed “ADHD”. The study found “increased odds of ADHD in children with higher serum PFC levels.”

An earlier NHANES survey, performed in 2003-2004, analyzed 2,094 blood samples taken from the U.S. population and found more than 98 percent had detectable serum levels of PFCs.

PFCs aren’t anything new. As far back as the 1980s, the DuPont company, which manufacturers a number of PFCs, showed how PFCs can cross the placental barrier of women exposed to the chemical and cause developmental abnormalities in their children.

Workers at a DuPont factory in West Virginia had “statistically significantly higher” incidences of cancers, including cancer of the buccal cavity (the cavity between the jaw and the cheeks), the pharynx, kidney, other urinary cancers, and leukemia. Male workers at a Minnesota 3M plant had double the normal death rate from prostate cancer and female workers had abnormally high levels of the reproductive hormone estradiol, which is linked to breast and ovarian cancer.

Other studies performed in the 1990s at factories where PFCs were manufactured showed double and higher occurrences of disease than elsewhere.

Animal studies have also shown that PFCs may be potential “developmental neurotoxicants” — causing toxic damage to nerves involved in mental and physical development.

According to a 2004 report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the industry knew about the dangers, did nothing to protect its workers and hid from the EPA the known human health effects.

Although the Boston University School of Public Health researchers can’t say for sure that PFCs cause the symptoms known as ADHD, there is certainly enough evidence of health effects to warrant avoiding them.

SOURCES: Environmental Working Group report on PFCs, June 2008, Environmental Health Perspectives, June 2010,; Boston University School of Public Health, August, 2010,

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Try Natural Health Before Drugs




Singer Health Reports



Vol. 13 Issue 138



Sure, there are times that pharmaceutical products make the difference between life and death. But when a person is being treated for non-life-threatening illnesses such as fatigue, depression, digestive problems or irritability, very often the route to good health can employ vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary changes rather than drugs.

Dr. Gary Null, long a proponent of natural healthcare as the safest and most effective choice, posts success stories on his website that support a drugless route back to good health.
One patient told the story of seeing doctor after doctor for an illness that had lasted twenty-five years. After seeing ten doctors and spending five days at a major medical clinic, he had no help other than tranquilizers and sleeping pills. He had even decided to kill himself to get relief from the sickness and fatigue that even caused him to pass out while driving.
Instead, he went to one more doctor who specialized in natural methods of healing. The diagnosis was candida and parasites, and a careful change in diet brought about the relief he had sought for decades. Without the use of a single drug!
A doctor reported on the success he had helping patients with not only physical symptoms but also mental ones. With mental problems, the most common treatment by most doctors is a prescription for an antidepressant.
Between 1996 and 2005, the numbers of Americans taking an antidepressant increased greatly. For those under 18 years of age, the figure almost quadrupled. For young adults and adults up to 65, it merely doubled.
But for those over 65, the statistic was closer to tripling. Can all this drugging be necessary?
This doctor reported that he was able to help patients with mental symptoms by fixing their diets and prescribing nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals, enzymes or herbs. He noted that many people are so fatigued that they get irritable, frustrated or depressed. But as soon as they get rid of foods that are toxic
for them, they often start feeling better. He commented that once they get their diets changed and start to heal, their mental state improves, they are less fatigued and their spirits lift. Sleep often improves and the people around them are happier because of their improved mood.
Helping in this process are B-complex vitamins, herbs such as ginkgo biloba or ginseng – in use in China for thousands of years – and the amino acid taurine. Sometimes a shot of B12 can help a person start to feel better right off the bat.
Visit the website of Dr. Gary Null for more inspiration on how it’s possible to heal many health conditions druglessly! Visit

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 Singer Health Reports  Vol. 7 Issue 52

Guests on a recent Montel Williams television program have joined the battle against public schools; they believe schools have gone too far by suggesting parents medicate their children with psychotropic drugs.

Six percent of elementary and middle school students in the United States have been placed on these drugs to control the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder — a condition that’s existence has been highly scrutinized — even though the long-term effects of the medications are unknown.

Montel’s guests were the parents of 10-year-old Shaina Dunkle, who died in February 2001, after a toxic level of psy-chotropic drugs built up in her system.

Shaina began taking Desipramine, after her parents received a letter from her school psychiatrist, which stated that Shaina needed to be evaluated for ADD.

The Dunkles have a lawsuit against the psychiatrist who pre-scribed the medication to their daughter. They have also appeared on the “Today Show,” as well as other local and affiliated television programs, in order to inform more parents about the dangers of psychotropic drugs.

“Numerous amounts of people have called me and told me how our situation saved their child’s life by taking their children off psychiatric drugs,” Shaina’s mother said.

Mrs. Dunkle manages the web site,, to provide information on ADHD, and she continues her quest to have a state law passed that would prohibit schools from recommending or coercing parents into using psychiatric drugs on their children.

SOURCE: Montel Williams,, April 15, 2003; The Times Herald,, March 4, 2003.

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Singer Health Reports Vol. 1 Issue 68

Between 1972 and 1995, the National Institute of Mental Health gave nearly $73 million to psychiatrists to research “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” This research money comes from Federal, State and County governments. The majority of the money ($38 million) was spent between 1991 and 1995 – more than the total awarded between 1972 and 1990.

Coincidentally, for the same period (since 1990), the production of just one psychiatric drug used for “hyperactivity,” Ritalin, rose 500%, with some classrooms now having between 20% and 50% of their students on this drug alone.

Teachers in one state “tested” children for ADD without parental knowledge or consent, evaluating from a psychiatric chart whether a child was suffering from this. All the data was given to a nearby psychiatric institute to evaluate which children were “at risk” and therefore needed psychiatric drugs as treatment.

This shows an alarming link between “research money” and the development and sales of Ritalin.

SOURCE: Citizens Commission on Human Rights International Newsletter, June 1997

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Singer Health Reports Vol. 7 Issue 135

Within the last 10 years, prescriptions for Ritalin have increased five-fold, with 90% being consumed in the United States alone.

Parents today are becoming more leery of treating their children with Ritalin and other psychiatric drugs — and according to the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association, doctors of Chiropractic offer parents an effective treatment, without the use of drugs.

Unlike drug treatment, Chiropractic targets the underlying problems, not just the symptoms —to resolve the tics, tremors, balance and postural problems, unusual sensitivity to touch, movements, sights or sounds, that are common with ADHD patients.

Chiropractic focuses on postural muscles, nutrition and lifestyle changes that affect the brain’s activity.

“Motor activity — especially development of the postural muscles — is the baseline function of brain acclivity,”  according to Dr. Robert Melillo, a Chiropractic Neurologist. “Anything affecting postural muscles will influence brain development. Musculoskeletal imbalances will create an imbalance of brain activity, and one part of the brain will develop faster than the other, and that is what’s happening with ADHD patients.”

Dr. Melillo tests his patients before they start the treatment program and every three months thereafter. “Within the first three months, the children get a two grade level increase on average…with children on medication, the improvement in academic performance is short-term and lasts only as long as they take the medication.” Melillo says their treatment changes brain function and the improvement doesn’t go away.

In addition to Chiropractic treatment, nutrition and lifestyle changes are recommended — dietary changes, such as eliminating foods with dyes, preservative, and additives; eating more natural, organic foods, that haven’t been treated with pesticides and herbicides; and having children tested for allergies to dairy, gluten, and other foods, and adhering to elimination diets.
For more information on natural treatments to ADHD, consult with your chiropractor.

SOURCE: Journal of the American Chiropractic Association, 2002; PRNewswire, September 27, 2002; HealthWorld On-line,

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Singer Health Reports

Vol. 5 Issue 84

I started Specific Chiropractic care in July, 2000 after attending a workshop presented by Dr. Robert Zembroski. Prior to Specific Chiropractic care I suffered from severe pains on the back of my neck, head, shoulders, arms, legs, and lower back. I have had numbness and tingling in my fingers, burning on my skin and back. Every day I felt as if I had the flu. I would wake in the morning very fatigued because of sleep disturbances and the pains would increase with stress and anxiety.

In June 2000, I went to the doctor because I could barely walk due to severe pains in my legs. The doctor ran tests to rule out Lyme disease; I was then diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME, a disease of the muscles, tendons, and fibrous tissues.

I have had these pains for approximately one and a half years, as a result of a fall I had some 15 years ago. I also suffered from fluctuating blood pressure at times and the doctor would not prescribe medication, because he thought it was stress related. He had me check and record my blood pressure twice per day over a period of time. He prescribed pain relievers, but I only got temporary relief. When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, he prescribed Zoloft, an anti-depressant, which I stopped taking because of the side effects.

Due to the chronic pains, I was always fatigued and therefore, deprived of social activities, and exercise.

After a couple months of Specific Chiropractic treatment, my health improved tremendously. I no longer suffer from chronic pains and my energy level has increased. I am now able to get a good night’s sleep and wake without body aches and stiffness. I am enjoying my social life, and most importantly, without any medication or side effects.

Specific Chiropractic care did not give me temporary relief of my pains, but corrected the cause. I can certify that Specific Chiropractic care has given me my life back. Thanks to Dr. Robert Zembroski.

Signed Y. Richards

SOURCE: Specific Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. R. Zembrowski, 2001.

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 Singer Health Reports

Vol. 5 Issue 97 

A major cause of Fibromyalgia has been linked to thyroid disease, according to researchers who recently revealed the result of their 10-year study — 90% of Fibromyalgia patients have underlying Thyroid disease.

This is the only study to uncover an underlying cause of Fibromyalgia, the most common condition of chronic, widespread pain and fatigue. And, it has also shown that Fibromyalgia patients can completely recover within 3-6 months, through metabolic rehabilitation, Chiropractic adjustments, physical and myofascial therapies. The studies were conducted by researchers with the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Baylor Medical School and The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston; and the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal in Toulon, France. Their results have been supported by other researchers in the United States, Italy, and Germany.

According to John C. Lowe, D.C., MA, “Our studies show most (Fibromyalgia) patients have at least one of the three forms of thyroid disease: primary hypothyroidism, central hypothyroidism, or cellular resistance to thyroid hormone.” Lowe said to be effective, the treatment must be based on the underlying thyroid disease and it should involve a holistic approach to metabolic rehabilitation.

Researchers conducted extensive laboratory testing of the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus of Fibromyalgia patients. Treatment trials were also a part of the research plan, where patients underwent thyroid hormone treatment, Chiropractic treatment and other metabolic therapies.

“Our findings explain why conventional medical treatments for Fibromyalgia don’t work,” said Gina Honeyman-Lowe, D.C. “For most patients, Fibromyalgia symptoms are caused mainly by a thyroid hormone deficiency, resistance to thyroid hormone, or both.”

SOURCE: Chiropractic Products, July 2001, Vol. 3, No. 7,  p. 64.

New Study Shows that Chiropractic Care is a Great Way to Prevent Sports Injuries and Speed a Return to Play After Injuries Occur

Vol. 14 Issue 52

Participation in any kind of sports offers great benefits. For children, sports offer a way to increase strength and fitness as well as a way to develop character. For adults, athleticism can lengthen life by keeping one active.

When sports also provides one’s livelihood, it becomes very important to recover from injuries and prevent further injuries so that the player can get back out on the field! So any science that offers these benefits becomes very valuable to professional players, amateurs and parents alike.

A recent study provides new evidence on the benefits Chiropractic care offers those playing rough and tumble forms of football. In Australia, two football clubs participated in a study to find out what improvements would occur if Chiropractic care was part of the regular recovery regimen of the players.

Fifty-nine qualified players were randomly divided into two groups – one group would go through the normal procedures to prevent and treat lower body injuries such as hamstring or lower limb muscle strains. These procedures usually include strength training, massage and physiotherapy. The other group would add a routine of Chiropractic care to the mix. Minimally, these patients were treated once a week for the first six weeks of the playing season, and less frequently after that. Injuries would get more intensive treatment.

The results of this trial were that Chiropractic was shown to help these players prevent injury and get back on the field sooner when injuries did occur. The Chiropractic group had a 4 percent chance of a hamstring injury compared with a 17 percent chance among the non-Chiropractic players, and a 4 percent chance of lower limb muscle strain compared to a 28 percent chance among the non-Chiropractic players – a very big difference!

In addition, those receiving Chiropractic care missed an average of 4 matches due to these injuries compared to 14 among the other players suffering hamstring injuries and 21 matches due to lower limb muscle strains.

This is good news – and not just for those playing sports, but also for the parents of children who want to participate in sports programs. With Chiropractic care, parents can help their children recover quickly from sports injuries or even help prevent these injuries in the first place!

Source: National Institutes of Health, The Effects of a Sports Chiropractic Manual Therapy on the Prevention of Back Pain, Hamstring and Lower Limb Injuries in Semi-Elite Australian Rules Footballers

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