Posted by: durskichiro | November 10, 2009

Upcoming Free Workshops

Tuesday, November 3: Tuesday, November 17


Time: 7:30 PM

Five secrets to permanent weight loss. Learn why diets don’t work, why eating fat doesn’t make you fat, what hormone is out of control in your body, how to reduce chance of breast cancer by 70%, how to regain energy and vitality, what exercise program you should be on, and much, much more.

Cost: Free

Tuesday, December 1 : Tuesday, December 15


Time: 7:30 PM

Learn how the digestive system works and natural approaches to improve the health of the digestive system.

Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernias, Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis and Crohns Disease are just a few of the digestive disorders that affect over 61 million Americans each year.

Cost: Free

 All Seminars listed above are held at the Princeton Club Community Room at   14999 W Beloit Rd,  New Berlin WI 53151


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