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Babies that cry for an extended period of time are generally considered to be suffering from colic. This is labeled as a gastro intestinal disorder that can cause a great deal of discomfort for the child and the disruption of normal family activities when the baby’s crying goes on for hours at a time. Typical medical solutions to the problem include nutritional changes and pharmaceutical drugs.

Now, research recently conducted at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic at the University of Bournemouth, England, shows that two types of Chiropractic intervention may offer a healthy, drug-free solution to bringing comfort and rest to the child and family alike.

The condition of colic is generally assigned when a child’s bouts with crying occur for more than 3 hours per day, 3 days per week and continue for a period of 3 weeks or longer. Additionally, a gastro intestinal disorder is considered to be a source of the discomfort.

Research leader Joyce Miller became interested in finding alternative solutions to this crying problem when it was discovered that only about 7 percent of approximately 5,000 infants brought to the University’s teaching clinic had digestive issues. Another 63 percent entered the clinic due to excessive and unexplained crying.

The study conducted at the college involved 43 infants that were less than 8 weeks old who had cried for at least 3 hours per day for 4 of the previous 7 days. Chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy was performed on 22 of the children and an sacral occipital decompression technique was administered to 21 of the infants. In both cases treatments were conducted for 2 weeks and changes in infant behavior were noted in the number of daily hours of crying.

In both groups, positive changes were noted after just 7 days when crying time was reduced with each technique by about 2 hours per day. After 14 days of treatment, the hours of crying were reduced by 3 hours in the spinal manipulation group and 2.5 in the sacral occipital decompression group. Additionally, the baby’s sleep time was increased by 1.7 hours in the manipulation group and 1 hour per day in the sacral occipital group. At 4 weeks from the beginning of treatment, the condition was considered to be 82 percent resolved in the manipulation group and 67 percent resolved among sacral occipital treated babies.

It is very interesting that Chiropractic solutions offered such a high success rate in helping children and points to the fact that biomechanical and neurological faults are the true source of the baby’s discomfort. Some of the actual sources of the problem may stem from pressure on the child while in the womb, birth trauma and could even be caused by the use of forceps or other extraction devices used during the birthing process.

The research suggests that parents who have a child that is crying excessively should strongly consider Chiropractic intervention for their baby. While the crying is certainly an agonizing problem for the child, it can be equally bad for the parent as well, causing postnatal depression and even Shaken Baby Syndrome to occur. According to the results of this study, all of this may very well be averted with several hours of Chiropractic treatment administered over a period of just

a few weeks.

Source: Chiropractic Research. “Comparison of Short-term Effects of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation and Occipito-sacral Decompression in the Treatment of Infant Colic.” December 2008. Stern Chiropractic. “Study Shows Chiropractic Care Quiets Crybabies.” February 2009.


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