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Singer Health Reports

Vol. 5 Issue 84

I started Specific Chiropractic care in July, 2000 after attending a workshop presented by Dr. Robert Zembroski. Prior to Specific Chiropractic care I suffered from severe pains on the back of my neck, head, shoulders, arms, legs, and lower back. I have had numbness and tingling in my fingers, burning on my skin and back. Every day I felt as if I had the flu. I would wake in the morning very fatigued because of sleep disturbances and the pains would increase with stress and anxiety.

In June 2000, I went to the doctor because I could barely walk due to severe pains in my legs. The doctor ran tests to rule out Lyme disease; I was then diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME, a disease of the muscles, tendons, and fibrous tissues.

I have had these pains for approximately one and a half years, as a result of a fall I had some 15 years ago. I also suffered from fluctuating blood pressure at times and the doctor would not prescribe medication, because he thought it was stress related. He had me check and record my blood pressure twice per day over a period of time. He prescribed pain relievers, but I only got temporary relief. When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, he prescribed Zoloft, an anti-depressant, which I stopped taking because of the side effects.

Due to the chronic pains, I was always fatigued and therefore, deprived of social activities, and exercise.

After a couple months of Specific Chiropractic treatment, my health improved tremendously. I no longer suffer from chronic pains and my energy level has increased. I am now able to get a good night’s sleep and wake without body aches and stiffness. I am enjoying my social life, and most importantly, without any medication or side effects.

Specific Chiropractic care did not give me temporary relief of my pains, but corrected the cause. I can certify that Specific Chiropractic care has given me my life back. Thanks to Dr. Robert Zembroski.

Signed Y. Richards

SOURCE: Specific Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. R. Zembrowski, 2001.



  1. Some people may have been nursing a broken spine for a long period of time and not even know about it. That back pain may have been due to a fall during any sports activity such as basketball, skiing, horse-back riding or a football game wherein you’ve been misdiagnosed with only a broken right arm. However, after the injured arm heals, there seems to have developed an intense back pain that made regular activities such as sleeping and moving around too difficult to do. The pain goes on and would never seem to leave you. Aside from the stress and agony it brings, chronic pain can lead to other serious medical conditions.,

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