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 Singer Health Reports  Vol. 7 Issue 52

Guests on a recent Montel Williams television program have joined the battle against public schools; they believe schools have gone too far by suggesting parents medicate their children with psychotropic drugs.

Six percent of elementary and middle school students in the United States have been placed on these drugs to control the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder — a condition that’s existence has been highly scrutinized — even though the long-term effects of the medications are unknown.

Montel’s guests were the parents of 10-year-old Shaina Dunkle, who died in February 2001, after a toxic level of psy-chotropic drugs built up in her system.

Shaina began taking Desipramine, after her parents received a letter from her school psychiatrist, which stated that Shaina needed to be evaluated for ADD.

The Dunkles have a lawsuit against the psychiatrist who pre-scribed the medication to their daughter. They have also appeared on the “Today Show,” as well as other local and affiliated television programs, in order to inform more parents about the dangers of psychotropic drugs.

“Numerous amounts of people have called me and told me how our situation saved their child’s life by taking their children off psychiatric drugs,” Shaina’s mother said.

Mrs. Dunkle manages the web site,, to provide information on ADHD, and she continues her quest to have a state law passed that would prohibit schools from recommending or coercing parents into using psychiatric drugs on their children.

SOURCE: Montel Williams,, April 15, 2003; The Times Herald,, March 4, 2003.



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