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Try Natural Health Before Drugs




Singer Health Reports



Vol. 13 Issue 138



Sure, there are times that pharmaceutical products make the difference between life and death. But when a person is being treated for non-life-threatening illnesses such as fatigue, depression, digestive problems or irritability, very often the route to good health can employ vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary changes rather than drugs.

Dr. Gary Null, long a proponent of natural healthcare as the safest and most effective choice, posts success stories on his website that support a drugless route back to good health.
One patient told the story of seeing doctor after doctor for an illness that had lasted twenty-five years. After seeing ten doctors and spending five days at a major medical clinic, he had no help other than tranquilizers and sleeping pills. He had even decided to kill himself to get relief from the sickness and fatigue that even caused him to pass out while driving.
Instead, he went to one more doctor who specialized in natural methods of healing. The diagnosis was candida and parasites, and a careful change in diet brought about the relief he had sought for decades. Without the use of a single drug!
A doctor reported on the success he had helping patients with not only physical symptoms but also mental ones. With mental problems, the most common treatment by most doctors is a prescription for an antidepressant.
Between 1996 and 2005, the numbers of Americans taking an antidepressant increased greatly. For those under 18 years of age, the figure almost quadrupled. For young adults and adults up to 65, it merely doubled.
But for those over 65, the statistic was closer to tripling. Can all this drugging be necessary?
This doctor reported that he was able to help patients with mental symptoms by fixing their diets and prescribing nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals, enzymes or herbs. He noted that many people are so fatigued that they get irritable, frustrated or depressed. But as soon as they get rid of foods that are toxic
for them, they often start feeling better. He commented that once they get their diets changed and start to heal, their mental state improves, they are less fatigued and their spirits lift. Sleep often improves and the people around them are happier because of their improved mood.
Helping in this process are B-complex vitamins, herbs such as ginkgo biloba or ginseng – in use in China for thousands of years – and the amino acid taurine. Sometimes a shot of B12 can help a person start to feel better right off the bat.
Visit the website of Dr. Gary Null for more inspiration on how it’s possible to heal many health conditions druglessly! Visit


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